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About Think Fit Life - Bristow, VA Personal Trainer
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Think Fit Life
Courtney MacDonald
ACE Certified
Personal Trainer

Bristow, VA
Northern Virginia
YogaFit Student
804-306-9303 (cell)


Courtney MacDonald - Personal Trainer

Do I love spending endless hours in the gym? 



Do I ever indulge in a slice of pizza?



Do I understand that life happens, and sometimes it feels nearly impossible to make our health and fitness a priority?

Of course!


I get it.  At my heaviest, I once weighed 220 pounds. I’m barely 5 ‘4, so that’s a lot of poundage for a meant-to-be petite woman! While I’m still on my personal journey to becoming the healthiest and whole person I can be, I’ve realized it takes a committed state of mind and attitude to get there.

I became a personal trainer to coach others on their journey and quest for healthier lifestyles. My program is not about being thin, or wearing a specific clothing size. I’m about being strong and healthy inside and out! Fitness is not a short term fix…it’s for a lifetime.

There are many things in this world right now that we have little control over - our health is one we can impact. Invest in yourself. Invest in your life. Think Fit Life.

Be Fit,

Courtney MacDonald

Personal Trainer serving Bristow, VA and the surrounding areas including Manassas, Gainesville and Haymarket, VA.



A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

YogaFit Student


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