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Think Fit Life
Courtney MacDonald
ACE Certified
Personal Trainer

Bristow, VA
Northern Virginia
YogaFit Student
804-306-9303 (cell)


Think Fit Life has changed my life. Courtney is an inspiration and more than that she has become a friend. I have learned that health and fitness are integral parts of life and should be embraced. I feel stronger, healthier and happier.
-Lisa Foster

I have always struggled with my workouts. Either they were strenuous yet boring, or fun and not effective. With Courtney I have the best of both worlds! She is constantly altering my workouts so that they remain challenging and fun. My strength and conditioning are better than they have ever been in my life. Anyone who doesn’t like working out or is not working out hard enough should give Courtney a shot. She will kick your butt and you will thank her for it!
-Julie Ciarlo Hammond

I can play golf with no more back pain. My energy level and stamina have increased.
-Garland Harwood

I love the element of being outside, I feel like it puts me in a better mood and gives me chance to clear my head from the stress of the day. The workouts are always different and challenging and you are always there to encourage me along at just the right moment.
-Kathie Whitlow

Courtney, you have been such an inspiration to me and getting back into physical and mental shape. Each week in session you push me and I feel so accomplished that I CAN DO IT!!. I get compliments on the way I am looking and even wore a bikini for the first time in 8 years on vacation. You are the motivation to my physical, mental and healthy being.
-Amy Devries

Courtney has helped to transform my body and my attitude. I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have. The work outs are tough but fun and always changing so I never get bored. Thursday Boot Camps are the best. Thank you Courtney for giving me my body back.
-Emily Krause

My husband and I both train with Courtney. It has been an AWESOME experience. Not only are we getting fitter by the day - but it's such a stress relief as well! We spend a lot of time talking about our workouts and how much we've accomplished - instead of talking about everyday stress. We love it!
- Jen Towner

Accountability, I know what I should do for my body and soul, but sometimes I put "me" last on the list. Courtney is my best advocate, she reminds me twice a week that taking the best care of me allows my friends and family to reap the benefits of my Happy, Healthy Attitude...Plus it is Never boring! I love Yoga, Kickboxing and how great I am looking!
- Lori Kelly

Since I began working with Courtney, it has completely changed my body, mindset and outlook on exercising. I have been working out my entire life, but never realized how to really get into shape. Courtney is always coming up with new innovative ways to make working out at 6am exciting! I never know what to expect, except results from each and every session with her. If you are stuck in a workout rut and want to change your body for good, this is the program for you!
- Anne Lansing

For me, working out is about feeling strong, having energy, and of course, being able to see the fruit of my labor! Ever since I starting working out with Courtney, I have seen a huge difference in the shape of my body. I'm actually getting complements on my arms for the first time!
- Carla DelVecchio

Just wanted to say thank you. Without you my snow day wouldn't have been half as fun. Sledding without getting winded is awesome!
- Meredith McGlohon

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